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Meet our Instructors

All Go Rin Pou instructors are blue card certified, and carry current Senior First Aid certificates.
Kaiso Tom Bellamy 8th Dan
Founder and Head Instructor
Go Rin Pou Jujitsu
President of the World JuJitsu Kubudo Organisation (WJJKO) Australia
Australian Representative WJJKO Intertational
Oceania President
Opunjutsu Shihan Kai
President of the World Budo and Kubudo Federation (WBKF) Australia
Australian Representative WBKF Intertational

Thomas Bellamy is the founder of Go-Rin-Pou Jujitsu and the chief instructor. He is the former student of Soke Jan de Jong who was recognised as a world renowned master of martial arts.

Kaiso Bellamy currently holds a 8th dan in Jujitsu, 6th dan in Judo and a 4th dan in Karate. He is also graded in Akido, Iaido, Kenjittsu, Kahli/Escrima/Arnis, Pentjak Silat and Jeet Kune Do. He has trained under some of the most highly respected instructors in modern martial arts and used this to good effect, gaining and defending international titles in full contact Jujitsu.

Kaiso Bellamy is an accredited sports coach in Australia, a qualified and currently practising Queensland Ambulance Officer by day and  a long-time member of the WJJKO.

In addition to his other responsibilities, Kaiso Bellamy has also been awarded the titles of Australian President and Australian Representative for the World Jujitsu and Kubudo Organisation (WJJKO), Australian President and Australian Representative for the World Budo and Kobudo Federation (WBKF) and the World Vice President of the Opunjutsu Shihan Kai.

He retains his passion for all forms of martial arts to this day, with particular emphasis towards self defence. So much so, that through his influence, instruction and dedication, many of the techniques taught in the Go Rin Pou syllabus have been incorporated into other martial art styles as part of their black belt curriculum.


Shihan Tony Fernley is a pivotal member of Go Rin Pou style and its formation. He is also the former student of Soke Jan de Jong and a long time co-conspirator with Kaiso Tom Bellamy.

Shihan Fernley has extensive experience in Judo in addition to his prowess with jujitsu. As a younger man, he won many titles in national and international competition for both Kodokan Judo and full contact Jujitsu.

Shihan Fernley currently holds a 6th Dan in Go Rin Pou Jujitsu, 2nd Dan in Judo and 1st Dan in Karate.

He has a passion for teaching martial arts which is clearly demonstrated in his easy instruction and the joy his students take in learning from him. While he is less able to be present on the mats for the moment, it is always a pleasure when he shares his experience and knowledge collected over four decades.

Shihan Tony Fernley 6th Dan
Sensei Pep Beurville
2nd Dan
Sensei Josh Johnstone
2nd Dan
Sensei Mark Livett
2nd Dan

Sensei Pep has over 26 years experience in martial arts.

He has a strong technical focus on all aspects of Jujitsu, aided by his extensive background in Karate, Aikido and Iaido.

Sensei Pep has a passion for self defence and teaching individuals to protect themselves and others.

Sensei Josh has 22 years experience in Jujitsu.

Sensei Josh has studied in 3 different styles of Jujitsu, finding his home with Go Rin Pou. He has a strong background in Judo, Ground fighting, Military Self Defence and Street Self Defence - particularly for women and children.

Sensei Mark has 14 years experience in Go Rin Pou Jujitsu.


He began Judo lessons at age 7 and and has experienced several different martial arts before discovering Go Rin Pou. The skills and confidence that martial arts training have given him, help him in everyday life and he hopes to pass these benefits onto his pupils

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